Tumor Unwinds Itself from the Brain Stem

March.22.13---Bill Johnson told my husband's testimony at the March 17th service about how God unraveled my husband's tumor from the brain stem during his surgery. I was blown away when I heard that others knew of this. I have been in a place of discouragement because my husband, Derek, still doesn't have full feeling on the right side of his body. The worship and the sermon were awesome because they restored hope in my heart that Derek will be fully healed.

We found out about Derek's situation a few weeks before our wedding in April of 2011. The doctors said he would most likely not breathe on his own again; he actually had three months to live. We heard God say that he was going to be okay, so we had our wedding, went on our honeymoon and had the surgery the week after that. The surgeon said that if the tumor had wrapped itself around the brain stem, there was nothing they could do. When they opened him up, the worst case scenario had happened. But as soon as the surgeon opened him up, the tumor unwound itself and then popped out of the inside of the spinal cord. The tumor had completely cut his spinal cord in half and smashed the two parts against the walls of his spine. But this tumor completely popped out if its place, and now the cord is coming back together!

When Derek woke up from the surgery, his breathing had failed, and he was paralyzed from the neck down. Four days after the surgery, Derek's breathing returned, and by the seventh day, he stood up! After three months in intensive rehab, he was walking! When the head surgeon heard that Derek was walking, he cancelled all of his appointments to come down and see this miracle! This is the head neurosurgeon on the West Coast!

I found out I was pregnant when Derek was in the hospital. God told us this pregnancy was a sign of His faithfulness and that He was going to restore our lives and bring hope through a daughter. He gave us the name Brynnly Hope. God was giving us hope for the restoration of Derek and all that the enemy tried to steal from our lives. All I can say is that we serve a good God! Derek is now working at an aerospace company doing computer programming. The doctors had told him the best he could do is be a greeter at a grocery superstore! Go God! We also do youth and the worship at our church in Colorado.

Derek still does not have full mobility or feeling on the right side of his body, so please be in prayer for full restoration. I feel so encouraged, and I am reminded of who God is and what He has done for me and my family. Thank you for sharing our story!