Flat Feet Healed - Tijuana, Mexico - Bethel

March.20.13---At the end of a church service our team had ministered at, a couple brought their 8-year- old son to me and asked me to pray for him as he had flat feet that were causing issues with his knees, hips and back. As they explained it, and the boy sat down on a chair in front of me, I felt the most incredible faith rise up in my heart that something was about to happen. I wasn't left wondering whether he would get healed. I was just hoping I would not miss it when it happened.

Right there, kneeling in front of a little boy at the back of a church hall in Tijuana Mexico, I found myself pulling his boots off. I noticed the orthotics in his shoes and sat with his white-socked feet in my hands, unsure as to what to do next. I held his feet up to my hand, and, sure enough, they were flat against my palm, no curves.

I'm not sure if I even prayed. I closed my eyes for a second and may have said under my breath, "Be healed in Jesus' name." Then I looked down, and his feet had changed shape. The boy had curves in the bottom of his feet. I held them up to show his dad who said, "I see the difference! I see the difference!" The boy started to speak excitedly to his dad in Spanish. I asked the dad what he said, and the dad replied, "He says he feels great happiness in his heart.".I looked up to see the boy crying, tears streaming down his face, the love of God touching his heart!