She Sought Other Forms of Healing for Her Lung Cancer - Jesus Is The Only Way - Ben Fitzgerald

March.19.14 (shared from Bethel website)

Ben Fitzgerald led a team to Austria and Germany recently and ministered at a conference. After the conference, a man from the conference found out the wife of his work colleague had lung cancer. She had not yet experienced the Holy Spirit. She had sought other forms of healing to get free of cancer, but nothing had worked. The cancer had spread and grown worse; doctors opened her up to do surgery and could not because it had spread to other organs. Desperate, her husband brought her to the Bethel team for prayer. Ben and the team prayed one simple prayer for around ten minutes, hugged her, loved on her and asked that the Kingdom would come into her lungs and into her blood.

She went back to the doctor a few days later, and the scan results came back all clear. Even her blood was good, too. Jesus took that cancer from her completely.