Lump Dissolves, Metal Disappears, Salvation Occurs at Pub in England

Taunton Vineyard Church in Somerset, England

 February 15 · 2016

So...we get talking to a guy outside the Perkin pub. We get to pray for his back pain and Jesus heals him. We ask him if there is anyone else we can pray for and he tells us his son is upstairs in the Sports Bar. So up we go and there is his son and friends playing pool.

We get talking, and we ask his son what miracle God could do in his life and he shows us a hard lump on his head, from where he had cancer as a child. We begin to pray (without laying on hands) and we ask him if the lump has reduced. To his amazement it has - by about 50% he says. He goes off to play pool but keeps feeling his head in disbelief!

We ask his friend if there's anything God can do for him today. He tells us that he has three pins in his hip where it was broken in an attack. We begin to pray as he lays his own hand on his hip. We ask if anything is happening. 'It's getting warm', he says. And then he freaks out. Are you ok we say - 'yes' he says, 'it's just that the bone in my hip is moving!'

Meanwhile, his friend whose head is being healed is telling his mates who have just arrived what is happening. 'Look at this' he says, showing them his head. Every five minutes he comes back to us and says the lump is getting smaller. By the time we leave, it's just a small, fleshy, bit of loose skin under his hairline (see photo).

Another friend, when we ask him what God can do for him, says he needs £10 - we say, well this isn't a miracle, but we can give you that anyway. When we give him the £10, his demeanour changes and says to us that this is a miracle for him. We say to him - 'do you know what the greatest miracle God could do is?', and we explain the Gospel and the free gift of eternal life. We say 'do you want to receive this free gift?' He starts to cry and we begin to lead him in the prayer of salvation.

As we do, his friend whose head is being healed sits next to us and says 'I want to pray that too', so we lead both of them in prayer as they open their hearts to Jesus. As we do, their friends look on in awe! 
Three healed, two open their hearts to Jesus...amazing Jesus!

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