Prophetic Word of God Healing Her Womb and Holding Child in Her Arms - Dream Culture

Dream Culture (shared from facebook page March 2014)

Hope Changes Outlook - HE WILL DO AS HE PROMISED:
Julie is a Business woman with a cake baking and decorating business. One evening she took a break to go to a corporate worship service. She saw a woman (never met before) and felt prompted to go pray for her. Julie didn't know any of her circumstance but prayed over her and gave a prophetic word about God healing her womb and the woman holding a child in my arms.
What Julie didn't know was that the woman had just found out she was pregnant again after many miscarriages. The woman had cried as she experienced the same pain in her body as in previous times, and fear gripped her heart. She managed to drag herself to the same worship service that Julie the Baker was also attending. As Julie prayed and prophesied, not knowing any of the circumstances, the pain immediately left. The woman was reduced to tears and couldn't even speak. Nine months later she held baby Grace in her arms JUST LIKE HE PROMISED. (Oct 2013) Grace celebrated her fifth birthday.