God Transforms Spirit, Soul, and Body - Kermit Harpold

Kermit Harpold testimony submitted to TGN: Just remembering one of God's miracles that happened a few years back at Lemon Hall Church in Jamaica. Before church one night I noticed a man sitting alone in the center of a pew. I walked back to shake his hand and as I did I was overwhelmed by the mixture of body odor and alcohol as well as the sight of bugs crawling in his hair which were long dreads. As I held his hand, he shared that his sister said if he went to church that I would be able to cast a demon out of him. He shared that he had not been sober in over 15 years and that he wanted to be normal and work again. I shared the love of God with him and took authority over the spirits that had wrecked his life. He received Jesus as his Lord, was baptized in Holy Spirit, began to speak in tongues and was instantly sober, for the first time in 15 years.

The next night, there was a man sitting in the same place this man had been sitting the night before. He was dressed very sharp and I thought he may be a preacher from one of the local churches who had come to visit. As I stepped toward him to welcome him I realized it was the same man from the night before. God had not only done a miracle in his spirit, he had done a miracle in physical body. That night he was healed of many ailments in his body, including diabetes and HepC, and ending up ministering with me, seeing many healed as he laid hands on people in Jesus name. God, definitely, is good!