Broken Foot Healed Brings More to be Healed - Kevin Buchanan

Kevin Buchanan testimony to TGN: My friend Eric & I heard about a kid that I bring to Tue night service, that he had fractured his foot playing football. The Dr told him not to take the splint off for 15 weeks. We went to his house prayed, & told him to take it off & walk because you're healed. He said it was better, so prayed a few more times, then he was good. We had him go out with us to share the love of God with people on the street, for 3 hrs walking. When we took him home his sister was amazed & told us that her boyfriend had a bad back & chest pains & has alcohol issues, I said (so what that's? Nothing for Jesus), I told that devil to get off him, prayed & he was healed. Then their daughter had tummy issues too, so I prayed. When she went to the Dr, he said she is fine, there's nothing wrong with her. God is Good!