Hoarse Throat is Healed After Holy Spirit Throat Spray - Luke Jones

Second-year BSSM student, Luke Jones, has been posting words of knowledge on Facebook and receiving testimonies from folks who have been healed as a result.

On Nov. 11, I posted a word of knowledge on Facebook for throat cancer, and yesterday (Nov. 12), a woman from Pennsylvania wrote in telling me she had been experiencing hoarseness in her voice for the last couple of months. Even though she did not have throat cancer, she put her hands on her throat and claimed the word for healing anyway and immediately reported feeling a tingling in her hands and throat. The tingling lasted all through the night, and in the morning, she began to feel better! Not only that, but she felt her voice get progressively better throughout the day! So I wrote to her this morning (Nov. 13) and asked her how she was doing, and she said she still felt a little hoarse. I then had her pretend like she was spraying her throat with "Holy Spirit throat spray," and she said she began to feel better. A couple hours later, she said her voice is now back to normal! Thanks, Jesus!