Testimonies Draw Person to Receive Prayer for Injured Leg and Back -They Are Healed - John Allan Miller

Testimony submitted to The Greater News October 2013

John Allan Miller -Canon City, CO

My wife Tina attended a Foursquare church before we married. After our honeymoon, her pastor asked us to come forward at her church for a special sendoff prayer. He interviewed me about what we were doing moving to California. I answered the questions. Knowing the power of a testimony, I decided that every chance in the interview I could to share testimonies.

Afterwards the worship leader came to me, having heard the testimonies, and asked me if I could pray for his leg. His one leg was injured in 2001 in a motorcycle accident and was one inch shorter than the other. He had bad back pain because of it. I commanded the short leg to grow, and it did. He started crying. He was profoundly touched. In fact, he brought me four or five of his friends to me the next time so that I could pray for them.

This is normal Christianity. Jesus said, "Heal the sick." I love Him, so I figure I should obey His commands!