Incurable Disease Called Anti-Jo 1 Inflammatory Myopathy is Healed - UCKG Helpcenter

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“How did I out of 100,000 people end up with a rare medical condition? Why me? After six weeks of being in hospital, I was diagnosed with Anti-Jo 1 inflammatory myopathy (a respiratory disease), which affects one in every 100,000 people. Suffering from this condition affected most of my internal organs, especially my liver, kidneys and muscles and as time went by, my heart also got affected.

I was told that the disease was non-treatable and that I’d have to remain on medication for the rest of my life to suppress the symptoms. I was in a very bad state of mind – confused, angry and bitter as well as in total shock. Although I had friends, I had no family in the UK to confide in.

I was unable to walk for nearly three months as my muscles were greatly affected. I couldn’t do anything for myself and had to rely on carers. My son had to be looked after by two of my friends, and we were separated for almost three months. It pained me to have to be dependent on other people.

I had to undergo a CT scan and three to four weeks afterwards, the results revealed that my lungs had been affected, and fibrosis/hypertension was suspected as a result of the respiratory disease. I was referred to another consultant who told me that I had two to five years to live. All I could think about was my son and for days I couldn’t eat or sleep in total state of shock, bitterness and anger.

I used to attend the UCKG Helpcentre and I knew the results I could get, so I returned. I was advised to take part in the meetings on Tuesdays for the determination of my healing, and there I was anointed with oil every week. I believed that along with the help of the doctors, God could change my situation as he had done so for others. I put my faith in God to achieve what seemed impossible. Later on that year, I went to see the respiratory consultant for further examinations on my lungs and heart.

Five weeks later, I received a letter from the consultant stating that there were no clinical findings to suggest that I have fibrosis/hypertension, which meant that I didn’t have Anti-Jo 1 inflammatory myopathy.

Today I’m a different, healthier, and a stronger person. I’ve completely recovered with the help of the doctors and my faith in God, and I experience an inner peace and happiness in life. I wake up in the morning with joy, knowing what I’ve been through and what I’ve overcome.”

Regina Jenkins, Hackney