I Believe In God but Not Religion- Healing at Library

Erik Frederickson  March 10, 2013---I wanted to share this, it happened a few days ago. I was at the library in Encinitas, Ca and a girl about 16 or so was walking out at the same time I was. Before she left I saw her in the library grabbing her head, it looked like she was in pain or had a head ache or something.

I saw her outside the front doors and asked her if I could pray for her so her head ache would go away. I don't remember verbatim what she said but it was something like this, "Well, we don't believe the same thing. I believe in God but not religion." I got a huge smile and said, "Me to!"
I told her how I was into relationship with God, not religion. She still wouldn't let me pray. I then told her about the thoughts of her heart and how God was going to be bringing clarity to a relationship with a guy and whether or not she should stay in that relationship with him and how God would be bringing more unity and peace to her home situation. She was silenced for a moment and then I asked, "Can I pray for that sickness to leave your body now?" She said yes.
I prayed and instantly God removed all chest pain so she could breathe freely and the headache left. I then preached the cross relentlessly to her. I told her Jesus hung on the cross to end religion, not start one. I told her how through the cross we have communion with all of heaven and perfect union with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
She was very taken back and pleasantly replied, "I have never heard it like that. wow!" I told her Jesus loves her so much that he died for her. She was rocked in such a glorious way and she got her free gift that was paid for 2,000yrs ago on the cross.

Good job Jesus!!