The Power of the Testimony - TGN Exclusive

Erin Heide Wilson posted on The Greater News's timeline January 2nd, 2013---"I sent my sister a link in November with a testimony of a woman who had been healed of celiac disease. My sister has had extremely high gluten intolerance bordering on celiac that has gotten worse over the last several years. At the end of the testimony was a prayer this lady led releasing healing to anyone listening who wanted freedom from celiac. My sister prayed the prayer and slowly over the next couple weeks felt prompted by the Lord to test it out. A week before Christmas she started eating wheat and had absolutely no reaction. What an incredible Christmas this has been for her!!! She has been able to eat anything and everything and have no negative reaction. Christ is the healer!!!"

TGN response: "This is fantastic! Erin, what was the link you sent her? My wife was also healed of celiac and we posted our video testimony of that on TGN. I am so thrilled and excited..."

Erin Heide Wilson response: "Here is the link I'm believing healing for your wife as well!!!!!"

The Greater News response: Erin Heide Wilson...this video is my wife giving her testimony! Praise God! She has been praying for others to be healed through her testimony by the power of Jesus! We are doing the happy dance!
Erin Heide Wilson response: "Oh my goodness praise the Lord that is so exciting!!!!!! I am so thrilled!!! Your testimony released healing for my sister! thank you so much!"
From Caitlin's (the sister who was healed) parents: "what a joy it had been for her to be released of this! And another testament of God's mercy, power, and grace! We took her for her first Cinnabon in several years on December 22/12 with no pain or discomfort after. Praise God! We thank Him for using you as instruments of His healing!
TGN: The Power of the Testimony!