God Instructed Him to Slap Man in Face - Man's Blind Eye Was Healed - Bethel

February.26.14 (shared from Bethel website)

At the Randy Clark Healing School, a BSSM student stayed with a man in prayer a little longer than usual, wanting to see him healed of the blindness in one of his eyes. He prayed three times and nothing happened Then the man said, "Why don't you ask Jesus how you should pray for me?" The student closed his eyes and kept seeing a picture of himself slapping the guy in the face. He thought, "I'm not going to do it," but it kept coming back to him. He told the man, "I feel like I'm supposed to slap you in the face, but I won't do it hard." The man said, "Why are you hesitating on the word of the Lord?" So the student slapped him hard, and he fell down and his eyesight was totally healed. He could see completely after that. The student then quickly instructed those around NOT to do that. It's not what we would normally do!