Hypoglycemia Healed in Vision with Jesus - Bethel - Ben Fitzgerald

March.03.14 (shared from Bethel website)

From second grade onward, I had to be very careful about what I ate. I couldn't eat too much sugar—which was a bummer— and if I did any physical exercise, I had to have a lot of food in my stomach. So on the 4th of February, Ben Fitzgerald came to our house to minister, and he got a word of knowledge that someone commonly got dizzy and weak when they didn't eat and other symptoms, which matched hypoglycemia.

I knew it was for me, so I stood up, and he asked if I wanted to receive the healing. I said, "You bet your sweet bippy!" So he and everyone in the house laid their hands on me. As soon as their hands were on me, I went out of it. While I was "out," I saw a DNA strand and hands ripping out parts of it.

Then all of a sudden, I was at a table with Jesus, and there was a big meal. We ate tons of food. Jesus then laughed and told me, "Isn't it funny that hypoglycemia never belonged to you?" We laughed, and then I woke up. What is awesome is that my stomach was full as if I had just eaten a big meal. When I woke up is when I realized that I had been on the ground. Others had recorded me when I was down, and I was laughing on their recordings. I decided to test it out, so for the next two days, I didn't eat a thing. I ran around, jumped during worship, and when I should have passed out, I had an abundance of energy. God healed me of hypoglycemia! —BSSM student, Caleb Knowlton