Transit Worker in Oceanside, CA is Healed - Jamie Weston - Activate Love Ministries

Jamie Weston (Oceanside, CA) - TGN shared from facebook post

A friend sent me this picture she took of another friend and I talking to and praying for a transit worker we met. She told us that she was going to have to have surgery on her knee, but was willing for us to pray for her. We did so. After Jesus touched her she told us that ALL of the pain was gone from her knee, and stood on it, flexing it and bending it without hinderance. COME ON JESUS!

Then as we continued to chat with her, she told us that she had once had a close relationship with Him, but had "backslidden" and was wanting to re-connect with God. We encouraged that idea. Holy Spirit gave us some insight and the ability to affirm some of her gifts and talents and speak hope to some specific situations in her family. She thanked us over and over for taking the time to connect with her, and then went on to lay out some changes she now planned to make in her lifestyle. His kindness leads us to repentance! 

That's our Jesus, still going after it today; only now we get to go after it with Him!