Insane Homeless Man Changed by the Power of God

William G. Nichols  Dec , 2011---During my revivals I always get a team of local church members together to go out on the street with me during the day for some good, old fashioned street evangelism. In one city we had tremendous success among the homeless. On the final day of the meetings a crazy man came by. We approached him, but was having a difficult time communicating with him. I noticed that he would turn his left ear to us, so I asked if he was hard of hearing in the right ear. He was stone deaf in it. I told him we were going to pray for that ear and GOD was going to open it. Sure enough, I commanded the deaf spirit to come out then shouted in the man's ear. As I backed away whispering he could hear every thing clearly.

The gentleman was so encouraged with the results that he asked me to pray for a stiff leg that was injured years earlier due to a gun shot wound. I ministered to that leg until he could walk without a limp. Now this man had been out of his mind crazy the entire time. I gave him some money and prayed with him. The best part of this testimony is that the follow up team reported that he began attending the Saturday soul winning services and was IN HIS RIGHT MIND! To GOD be the glory!