Woman is Able to Bend Despite Metal and Bolts in Back - No Pain After Prayer- Bethel

March.06.14 (shared from Bethel website...link is on our connections page)

During a Sunday night service at Bethel, Pastor Eric Johnson had a word of knowledge for motorcycle accidents.

After the service, I served as a prayer servant for the second time. I was still training, and I was praying with a BSSM pastor. But then he left me, and I was all alone praying for people. A lady came up to me and showed me x-rays of the hardware she had in her body from a motorcycle accident. Bolts, metal. I don’t know what she had, but it was all in her pelvis and her femur. Then she introduced herself as Gabrielle from Florida. She was at Bethel for Jesus Culture, and she was having back problems. So I just prayed for her and released God’s presence and kingdom. There was another lady behind her with her hand on Gabrielle’s back. I asked her how her back felt now. She said that all the pain was gone. “I’ve got no pain!” she said as she bent over.

What I didn’t know was the lady behind her praying for her was her friend. Gabrielle was completely bending over and touching her toes, which she could not do before. She was completely healed. Her friend was ecstatic.

So I called the pastor over and told him Gabrielle got completely healed. He quickly went and showed the x-ray photos to Pastor Eric.

Gabrielle visited the school the next day, and I ran into her. She gave me a big hug. I asked her how she was doing and she said fantastic. She even said her knee is getting better, and I hadn’t prayed for that. So God was doing much more in her body than healing just her back. She said she could now walk up the stairs without much trouble. God was completely healing and restoring her! —First-year BSSM student, Joseph Bray