Broken Back Healed and Power of Testimony Heals Others - Bethel

March.03.14 (shared from Bethel is on our connections page)

A month ago, Bethel staff member, John Cook, had a testimony. He had broken his back in a skiing accident, and he came to church in a body brace. Chris Overstreet and Theresa Dedmon, along with a group of BSSM students, prayed over him in church, and his back was completely healed. I watched that happen. He took his brace off and held it up, showing he was healed. The next week he gave that testimony in all three services.

Two weeks after John gave a testimony at church about his healing, he was at school serving as a volunteer in my group. That day we had a time of prayer for healing and restoration. I have had a chronic back problem since I was 18 from a car accident. Over the years, the pain has worsened. I've seen doctors and had x-rays. A specialist told me it's there for life. That day my back had been really problematic, and I walked an hour before class time in an effort to loosen it up, which I had to do. But there was no relief.

At the meeting, I remembered that John had had this miraculous healing. So I asked him to pray for my back. He did, and I felt nothing, but within minutes after his prayer, I could feel a significant reduction in the pain.

So I went back to him and gave him the good news and asked him to pray a little bit more. Ever since then, I have had no pain! My back has been healed.

—BSSM first-year student, Denise Allen