Abdominal Pain and Large Growths Dissipate During Prayer Online - Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans (shared from facebook March 2014)

The Lord seems to be healing a lot of abdominal pain and removing growths on chat tonight.

A woman who had severe pain in her side and a growth the size of a basketball had the pain all go, and the growth shrink in half in the few minutes we were on chat. I am expecting it to go ALL the way.

Several others had all pain leave the abdominal area. One had pain leave her liver. Some felt heat, tingling, etc, first.

One man had sinus growths that he could feel shrink to the size of a grain of sand.. Hahaha! Thank You, Lord!

I can't heal anyone, but Jesus (who lives inside me) CAN! All the glory goes to Him for anything that happens at all.