Shoulder Healed- Carolyn Churchill

Carolyn Churchill posted on The Greater News's Wall.

Carolyn wrote 5/13/2011:
"A miracle happened to me at church on Sunday...about two weeks ago I was getting something out of the trunk of the car when the air thing that holds it open gave out. This is a very heavy old Saab trunk that I'm talking about. Anyway, as it came down it just missed hitting m in the head and nailed my shoulder knocking it out of socket. I went to the chiropracter and he confirmed that it was out of socket. It was visibly out and anyone could see it. He tried to move it back in unsuccessfully last friday. On Sunday while my pastor was preaching about divine alignment in your life I said to God, "go ahead and align my life" not even thinking of the shoulder. He instantly popped my shoulder back into place. It was awesome. God is awesome for the big miracles and for the ones that are big in my life too!"