Fatigue and Sadness Healed- El Cajon, CA Healing Rooms

For a few months I had been feeling tired, lots of fatigue daily...no matter how much sleep.  A heavy feeling that shadowed me like a sadness that eclipsed the joy of my work, my relationships.  I wondered if my cancer (lymphoma) was returning?  After prayer at the healing rooms, it became clear the fatigue

was related to my mother's anxiety, fearfulness, and my joy was suffocated by my care for her.  Suddenly the fatigue lifted like a veil and I could think clearly, rise up early for morning walk, made plans to visit my friends.  I heard God say "I have healed you, the cancer is gone!  Keep my joy to strengthen and lighten your load.  It will energize your dreams and goals, fear not."  Thank you Healing Rooms team for your ministry.