Dead Raised at Manila Hospital

A wild day at a Manila hospital (dead raising testimony included)!

by Paul Rapley on Monday, January 21, 2013

Last Saturday, a team of nine went to a hospital in the southern part of Metro Manila.  However, this story really started a couple of weeks prior in Cebu.

I was talking to my friend Eden in Cebu and she prophesied over me that she saw a picture of me teaching someone who was praying for a dead person that resurrected.  I didn't realize her word would come to pass so quickly!

So, a group of nine of us (most of their names are tagged :) ), went to the hospital.  We split up into teams.  At first things were a little slow, but then things started to really happen.  Denise, Kimow, and I were downstairs praying for the outpatients.  A man who had just had dialysis was healed from pain (we don't know about the kidneys) and then a mother and grandma were both healed of kidney stones.  This was really cool as they both had been told that there was no one to treat them at the hospital (this is for the poor and they are short on doctors) and so they didn't know what to do.  See

From there, all sorts of healings happened.  A whole section waiting for outpatient treatment was cleared out.  A woman with a tumor the size of an orange had all of the pain disappear (she couldn't test if it was gone, though, as it was inside of her).  A man got of his wheelchair and just left it in the lobby of the hospital.  And many received Jesus.

It was then that we got a text that one of the other teams in the hospital had just prayed for a resurrection.  We ran up to the third floor to hear the news.

From here, I am piecing together stories that I heard from the team... I might not have all of the details just right as I was downstairs when this happened...  Paul, Roselyn, Joni, and Diel were having fun seeing many receiving Jesus after many would get healed.  Joni, a nurse, heard the call for a Code Blue - and all of the medical staff went running to the room of an 82 year old woman.  The three girls (minus Paul as he was still in the midst of ministering to someone) went running as well.  The medical staff did all they could for the woman, but eventually they gave up and determined the woman to have passed away.

The 82 year old's family were grieving.  They were wanting to extend the life of the family member for even just a little bit to give one of the family members a chance to see her (I think to ask forgiveness of her).  Eventually some went over to start filling out the paperwork.  Meanwhile, Paul (not me) and the three girls went after a resurrection.  Roselyn put her hands on the patient's feet while the other three were declaring life from the door.  After just a few seconds of praying oxygen came back into the woman's body.

So the team of four backed off so that the medical people and family could be with the woman.  This was when we got the text about the resurrection.  The four wanted to wait and talk with the family but after an hour of waiting the rest of the teams went back to praying for miracles in various parts of the hospital.  Eventually, Roselyn got some time with the woman and she received Jesus.  Shortly thereafter, she passed away again.

It truly is a wild story.  But this woman is now in heaven!  Between all of the teams there were around 50 that wanted to start a relationship with Jesus and probably close to as many that were healed.  It was a good day in the kingdom!