The Favor of Papa God Testimony

Back in 2008, we hit a very rough patch financially. I was working as an IT Consultant and work had dried up completely. I was far behind on my bills and the consequence was that I had my truck repossessed. It was sold at auction and made very little, meaning I owed just shy of 8000 dollars. Over the course of the past few years I have received multiple invoices from the bank requesting payment in full. Well, I did not have that kind of money due to ongoing financial issues. So I gave it to God and trusted in his love.

On Jan. 31st of this year I received another letter from the bank. It didn't look like the usual invoices they sent me so I was confused at first. After re-reading it twice I realized the letter was informing me that they were canceling my debt in full. I was blown away and couldn't believe it at first, I hadn't contacted them or even prayed asking God to do something about it. He just took care it! I knew there was nothing I could do in my own strength to fix this situation, so I gave it to Him and in my willingness to lay it down He handled it for me!