Metal Dissolves Out of a Man's Back - Bethel

Dream Culture (testimony shared from facebook and Youtube February 2014)

Healed from watching a video of themselves being healed:Believer in Nebraska prayed for an individual with metal in body. Metal disappeared and individual regained full mobility. Believer videoed the testimony on his phone. The next week believer was back in Redding and met a man in hallway outside healing rooms who had metal rods and eight screws in his back. Believer showed him the video testimony from Nebraska and man was instantly healed. Believer also videoed that testimony on his phone ( Three years later believer said to a friend, “I wish I got that person’s name. I’d love to follow it up.” Shortly thereafter, believer went to speak in a church and was introduced to that very person! But man was in much worse pain. His healing had initially lasted three weeks. Pain gotten so bad he had morphine pump inserted into spine. Believer showed him the testimony of HIMSELF being healed three years earlier. Man and his wife were in tears watching themselves moving without pain and testifying what had happened. Believer then had word of wisdom and says to man: “There is nothing wrong with you. The morphine can touch your spine but cant touch the liar that is attached to your back. Tell liar to get off your back and walk around.” From watching the testimony 50% of pain had already gone. Man stood up and walked around and rest of pain disappeared. Liar now gone. Morphine pump no longer necessary. via Ahab Alhindi