Man Gets Vision of Person's Actions- She Confirms Everything - Gold Dust Appears Instantly -Fresh Wind

Miguel Que (shared from facebook February 2014) - Fresh Wind Ministries - Philippines

When an Impart student at Fairview walked up to me for prayer last night, I had a mental picture of her sitting on a corner with a door near her side and a spotlight from heaven beaming down on her. She was singing and worshiping God and at one time she was playing a guitar.

She confirmed to me that she does that everyday. Go to that specific corner in her house, near a door and worshiped God. While she does not play any instrument, she always imagine herself playing a guitar. She often feel the Lord is watching her every time. But sometimes she fear she might just be imagining all this. That God had not noticed.

I told her that my prophesy is God's way of confirming to her, He is near every time she worshiped the Lord.

While we were still talking, gold dusts began to manifest on her face. I saw them appeared on her right cheek first and then the people crowded around her as the gold spread all over her chin and face. It was her first time to have this manifestation.

When you reach out to him - whether you feel him or not, have a prophetic word or not, have gold dusts manifesting or not - He is near and He is touched.