Healing Breakout in School as Over 50 Kids Showed Up -Kingdom Realm Ministries

Kingdom Realm Ministries (testimony shared from facebook February 2014)

* Healing Breakout In school * **MUST READ **

I got invited to Share at a Schools lunch time Prayer Group.
Over 50 Kids showed up! I shared about their identity in God and what Christ has given them. Then it led to the exciting part, a demonstration of the healing power God.

They started shouting out their sickness and where the Condition is on their body, the first person to come fourth was a Boy with his back, all the Kids gathered as his Leg grew out and he got completely Healed! Everybody was freaking out and screaming in excitement. Another Leg grew out and his shoulder and back got healed, once again everybody freaked out, screaming as the healing power of God was made manifest.

One by one, Kids coming up for prayer, Knees healed, elbows healed you name it, every single person was completely healed. It was like a riot off a Zombie movie!

The next day I got an email from one of the Teachers that was sent to every teacher in the school, sharing testimony after testimony of Kids being healed.

God is so Good and he is so ready to empower and equip the Kids and youth of this age!

The one who heals the Sick - Jesus!
The one who loves to see people freak out - Holy Spirit!