Angel Azariah Appears- Woman Fighting Cancer Sneezes Out Black Blob - TGN Exclusive

Testimony sent to TGN February 2014- This is a trustworthy source of The Greater News.

Here are some pics from Wednesday night. I met an angel at our cities House of prayer. His name was Azariah. Later when I came home my friend who has been fighting cancer said her BP was really low and she had been having nosebleeds all day and she would have to go to the hospital if it keep dropping so I sent her some text messages commanding her bp to be normal.. then she started having these appear in her living room. She said they were dancing around and it was hard to get em in the pics...

Then she asked me who is Azariah? I had not told her about this angel nor said his name. I said that this is the angel I met at house of prayer. She then sneezed out a black blob like jello onto the floor according to her.