Leukemia Healed Through Picture Drawn For Her - Bethel

February.25.14 (testimony shared from Bethel website)

Katrina from Oregon was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2012. She has come to the Healing Rooms three times from January through March 2013. In March 2013, while Katrina was at the Bethel Twin View campus, prior to the service, she was looking at the prophetic paintings. An “older Asian gentleman” sat down and began drawing a picture of a new plant coming up out of the ground with a cross over the plant that was raining down red and white blood circles. Then the man who was painting said to her, "Jesus is replacing your red and white blood cells with his own." Then he drew a green shamrock on the page and added a fourth leaf. Then he added a fifth leaf and said it was God’s miracle shamrock and that He was going to make Katrina a minister of signs and wonders. He prophesied that Katrina was going back to Oregon and would see her doctor and that her blood was going to be normal.

Katrina returned to Oregon and went back to the doctor. She received a report from the doctor from a blood sample that was taken before her last trip to the Healing Rooms in March. It showed cancer, and the doctor wanted to put her back into chemo. She asked the doctor to take another test. He took another very specialized test that could detect even the smallest amount of cancer. The report came back five days later and showed no sign of cancer whatsoever. A second doctor also did the same specialized test with the same result—no cancer. After Katrina had returned to Oregon from the Healing Rooms in March, she found an empty flower pot of dirt that she put on the window sill. Three days later, she saw a shamrock growing up out of the dirt. As Katrina finished sharing this testimony in the Healing Rooms on Feb. 25, one of the prayer servants, an “older Asian gentlemen” by the name of Terry, came to sit down at the testimony table. Katrina asked him if he was the man who had drawn the picture, and Terry shook his head yes. He was the one!