Child Came Up For Prayer- He Could Not Sleep - Find Out What Happened- Fire and Glory- Citadel San Diego

February 21st, 2016- Fire and Glory Outpouring at Citadel San Diego church

Testimony told by Brae Wyckoff who witnessed firsthand the miracle and spoke with the child the following the testimony below.

A young boy came up front and sat at my feet looking up at Joshua Mills who was preaching on the Glory and Healing. He desperately wanted to be prayed for. Just a minute prior, a young woman who attends Citadel San Diego named Bre came forward showing Joshua Mills her hands. They were exuding supernatural oil.

Joshua spotted this young boy who was about 10 years of age. Joshua asked him what he needed and the boy said, "I need prayer. I have been unable to sleep."

Joshua then had Bre lay her oil soaked hands onto the young boy's head and he began to pray.

The boy came the following night to the meeting and I personally asked him if he was able to sleep.

He said with joy on his face, "I slept like a baby. I instantly went to sleep when I got home." He was overjoyed and was coming back for more of God. 

This is happening repeatedly here at the Fire and Glory Outpouring happening in San Diego, CA. Miracles are flowing every night! Citadel San Diego is hosting this revival currently.