God Gives Them Visions of What To Do - Fresh Wind (Philippines)

Miguel Que (testimony shared from facebook and Fresh Wind website...link on our connections page)

Last Tuesday, a student in our Impart class had second thought of attending the class because she was all worried about her presentation to her company’s board of directors the day after. She was to do seven presentations but she had no idea on how to do them. When she walked up to me for prayer, I decreed, “New drunkenness.” I had no idea whatsoever about her worries. I just wanted her to experience something new from the Spirit. A new wine.

Well, she fell on the carpet and had a vision. In it, she found herself watching a screen where God began to instruct her on what to do. Like at what folder in her computer she will be able to find the information she needs, the website she needs to look into, etc. Sure enough, the day after she was able to answer all the questions thrown to her, and to the point that her big bosses were so impressed. She even gave them accurate details about a company which she would have not known in the natural! This was her first time to experience something like this. It was also my first time to see something like this as the result of my praying. It was indeed a new anointing.

Two days later, I was in Bulacan for Impart there. Another student approached me. The whole day she was worried about her upcoming teaching demo. So I told her the testimony of this Impart Makati student. Then I asked if she wants to also get direct wisdom from God. (I have learned years ago, that a breakthrough God did sovereignly once, you may pray for intentionally the next time.) Thus, I laid hands on her. She fell and had a vision.

She saw herself sitting on a chair and listening to “another her” standing and doing teaching demo. When she shared her vision, I advised her, ”All you need to do is duplicate what the you in the vision did. Then you will pass your teaching demo exam.” She was excited! Two weeks later it happened exactly according to her vision. While her other peers got many corrections for their teaching demo, the judges found her demo outstanding! God’s good! – Miguel Que (Philippines)