Daughters Elbow Was Healed While Listening to a Bethel Podcast in Australia - Bethel

Testimony shared from Bethel website (link is on our connections page on TGN)


We received this testimony from a podcast listener in Australia:

Our daughter’s elbow break was completely healed while listening to the podcast!

When our daughter was six, she was playing in the back yard and quite simply fell from her scooter the wrong way resulting in a distal humerus fracture of the elbow. The break was misdiagnosed initially resulting in an operation and three pins then inserted into the bone for the remainder of healing time. The pins were later removed via another operation, and it took approximately five months for our daughter to be able to straighten her arm completely.

Two years on, there was an obvious thickness around her elbow from scar tissue and occasional shoots of pain. My daughter had drawn our attention to the fact that the arm was about one inch shorter than the other.

On Sunday the 2nd September 2012, Bill Johnson preached a sermon called "Remaining Poor in Spirit." At the beginning of the sermon, he asked the Worship team to play the song, "Honey on My Lips," as he’d recently been to London and said there was "something" about that song.

At the time, I was tidying my home office, listening to this podcast, my husband was mowing the lawn outside, and my children were playing. I was so moved while listening to this song I had an instant witness, which brought tears to my eyes.

My daughter came into the room, and at that time, Bill was making a declaration that "cancer ends today" and if anyone needed a miracle, it "doesn’t matter what it is, just bless and pray for them." I was so moved in that moment, I grabbed my daughter's elbow and began to pray.

In the blink of an eye, something inside her elbow clicked, and I felt warmth. The power of God touched my daughter and me so fast that she instantly threw her little arms around my neck, and we both just wept.

I had to break her free from my neck as I couldn’t breathe, and with no words, she straightened her little arm, and it was perfect! The scar tissue thickness had completely disappeared, and it was now exactly the same length as the other arm. Even her double- jointedness had completely returned!

I don’t know what happened next. It was just so perfect. My daughter then told me that God left her the scar so she’d never forget!

I still have trouble believing this actually happened before our very eyes, but I thank God every day it did! I almost wish I had some kind of before and after photo to post to the world!

Keep on doing what you're doing! Please feel free to share our testimony that God doesn’t only heal at church but also while listening to a podcast on the other side of the world in a different time zone!