Cancer in Lungs and Neck is Healed - Doctors Confused - Bethel

February.03.14 (testimony shared from Bethel website)

Diane and her husband are from Nevada, where they own their own photography business. Diane shared this testimony with us while they were here for the Randy Clark Healing School last week.

We prayed for my brother-in-law, who had documented cancer markers in his blood work. This was reoccurring cancer. They did a full body PET scan that revealed cancer in the lungs and neck. Then, before the biopsy to determine what stage the cancer was in, we prayed. The biopsy came back with no cancer. The doctors, confused, sent the biopsy to Stanford. It came up no cancer. Then they redid his blood work, and it was clean. No cancer markers are in his blood work. This was all without any treatment.