Breast Cancer Healed- Operation Called Off By Doctors - Bethel

February.03.14 (testimony shared from Bethel website)

Diane and her husband are from Nevada, where they own their own photography business. Diane shared this testimony with us while they were here for the Randy Clark Healing School last week.

Two weeks ago, a girl came in to have a portrait done. She had had to cancel two appointments before that. She came in, and we realized she loved Jesus. Then we talked, and I told her I was reading Bill Johnson and Randy Clark's book about healing. She said, "Well, I think maybe you guys are supposed to pray for me. Nobody knows this but my parents and my husband, but I'm going in for my final meeting with the oncologist about my breast cancer." So we prayed. She had her x-rays done and waited a long time for them to come out. They came out and said, "Are you D.? Do we have the right patient?" Then they asked if she had already had surgery because the cancer was gone. She went to our church and gave her testimony.