Divine Appointments - Rock Mcilvain

Rock Mcilvain  Jan 26, 2013

Yesterday after eating lunch with my wife, I took her by a colleague’s office to sign some documents. While I was sitting in the car another car pulled beside me and the young lady driving got out and went into an office next door. I noticed something serious was wrong with her because of the way she was walking. I motioned for the lady in the passenger seat to lower her window. I told her that I already knew that she was a believer in Jesus Christ but she had some serious things going on that she needed prayer for. She said praise the Lord yes I do! So I jumped out and ministered healing to her! She told me she has been living with HIV for 28 yrs! Wow! The power of God was all over her and me! She is going to contact me with her follow up doctor’s appointment next month. Praise report coming! After ministering to her, I asked about the lady who got out and she told me that they had just left the hospital and her ankle was fractured and she was hardly able to walk. I told her that I am giving you this testimony now that her ankle will be healed as soon as she comes out. I met her at the front of her car and asked about her injury (she still had the hospital bracelet on). She told me that it was broken and she was in a lot of pain. I told her that Jesus loves her and I just spoke to her ankle and immediately she noticed something happening and she asked me several times….who are you? I told her that I am a believer in Jesus Christ and minister healing everywhere I go. She was moving he ankle in all sorts of positions! I ask her where the pain was and she goes there is no pain, it feels normal! She then after walking around asked me … so is it still broken? I told Jesus just healed you ankle! She told me sir you have no idea how much of a blessing this is to me because the hospital took me out of work and I cannot afford to be out of work. I asked her to really put her ankle to the test. Within seconds she looked at me and said... I am going to work tonight! Wow, God just healed my ankle! Thank you Father! Two amazing ladies touched by the power of God!