New Heart after congestive heart failure - David Weekley

David Weekley  Feb 19, 2013

A couple months ago, just before Thanksgiving, we prayed over a dear lady who had been diagnosed a number of severe medical conditions: severe anemia, myelodysplastic disorder, a calcification of the arteries, and peripheral neuropathy, to name a few. She was admitted as a patient in a special congestive heart clinic as the anemia caused congestive heart failure. She was hospitalized for a week.

We sought the LORD on behalf of our dear sister, and we declared His Goodness over her. Like any other request we receive via email, we spoke Health & Wellness over her, and we claimed the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ to cover her life. We declared sickness was not welcome in her, and we looked for God to show Himself strong - for proper blood flow to be restored with creative miracles as need. I also felt led to declare a “doctor’s report” may well be provided to the family in order to illustrate His Goodness over them.

Today, I received an update…

She returned to the heart clinic this morning, and her doctor gave her a thorough checkup. After checking and “re-checking” her results he said, "I don't understand how, but your heart is healed!” The doctor then made her strap on an oxygen meter and walk briskly for a few minutes. Again he simply could not believe the results. When she had been hospitalized she had NO heart function due to an extremely low oxygen level of 67%. She was now reading a robust oxygen level at 97.7% after taking a brisk walk – a terrific reading for those who have never smoked; yet she was a former smoker!

Beloved, God is Good. He is in a Good Mood. He loves to Heal. He loves to hand out Creative Miracles when needed. From the testimony reported here, it appears God may well have replaced her failing heart with a new one. God sometimes works over a period of time to clean up what the enemy has done, other times it’s more immediate. Our place is simply to stand in rest, and the hold onto His Goodness. He desires us to walk in strength and not faint. While we continue to stand with our dear sister for 100% Healing of the arteries, and a clean bill of health, the New Heart is certainly a good start.

Thank You Jesus for showing Yourself Strong – You are the Victor!

I trust you too are blessed by the Goodness of our God. Let's keep reaching out to all in need. God is calling out in Kindness. He who has an ear let him hear (Mark 4:23). Yes & Amen LORD.