Evil Tinkerbell Spirit Cast OUT - Bill Irwin

A woman who had come in for counseling for great fear and anxiety decided to follow up with some HeartSync ministry. In the midst of the session, we entered into some warfare praying. She sat quietly through that portion of the ministry, and then opened her eyes and smiled. She explained that she had seen a spirit leave that had come to her some 30+ years before in a meditation class she was taking. She described seeing it when she received it, and how the teacher had encouraged her to allow it in ... small, looked a little like Tinkerbell. It became obvious that she had allowed a spirit-guide in, and it had been directing her to "be fearful." She hadn't remembered letting it come in, but as we prayed, the full memory of that class and seeing that spirit came back to her again. This time, she saw it leave ... in fact, it stopped in front of her, turned around with a sad look on its face, waved good-bye and left the room. Yesterday I had a chance to check in with her again, and she's doing great ... no fear or anxiety.