New Lung in the Name of JESUS - David Weekley

David Weekley  Feb 21, 2013

We just received a progress report for a brother who was recently put on oxygen. He visited Vanderbilt last week for a series of tests. He was told the ‘good news’ was he did not need a heart transplant; however, the bad news was he needed a lung transplant!

This brother has young children, and although he has suffered with health issues for a number of years, we all agreed it was not God’s will for his health to deteriorate. Upon the news, we stood in simply agreement with Almighty God that the new test he received would “amaze the doctors doing the test!” In short, we were praying for a miracle.

Beloved, some face challenges beyond “Healing.” There are times we need God to show Himself strong with Creative Miracles. This is exactly what we did. We asked for God to restore his lungs to “brand new, with oxygen flowing to every vital organ in his body.” We agreed for “replacement organs as need be - lungs & heart with a renewed circular system.” We also cast out all spirits of infirmity in his body, and declared him to be Healed in the name of Jesus. We also cast off all fears facing him – that in both peace & faith he would see the Hand of God move in a great way – that he would be a “walking miracle!” That he might “fulfill his days with honor & strength, and be satisfied with the fullness of his days.”

The result?

We learned this evening he was just re-tested. And after a series of new tests, he was told that his lungs were “perfect.” As such, he certainly did not need a lung transplant! Imagine that. We now continue to stand with him for complete restoration in every area he had been experiencing pain & sickness.

Beloved, as we continue to share on this and other websites, God is Good, and He is in a Good Mood. He loves to Heal. He loves to hand out Creative Miracles when needed. Like the New Heart reported a few days ago, it certainly appears God may well have replaced his lungs with a new ones.

Jesus, thank You for showing Yourself as the Creator. You are Amazing! Breath on us oh Breath of God. May we see You in the fullness of Your Glory. As it is in Heaven, so be it upon the earth. For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God. Yes & Amen LORD.