Maid Service for the Maids- Eloise Edwin Briggeman

Eloise Edwin Briggeman  Dec 6, 2012

So every morning the maids in the neighborhood congregate at the end of our road before work. So I said to my maid lets go and meet with them and tell them about Jesus and pray for them. So 2 weeks ago we just approached them and said we are here to tell you about Jesus and how amazing He is. God gave me a word of knowledge that one of the ladies was suffering with a knee problem so I asked who it was and the lady next to me actually admitted it was her. So I prayed for her in front of everyone & told her to test it out & do something she could not before & she was healed! Then I got to minister to them, now every week we meet this group - and of course any person passing by has to stop & see for themselves & people get healed every week & other miracles in their lives and we are discipling the Truth to them now on an on going basis! Jesus is love!