Jill Wyckoff Receives Confirmation from God

Several months ago, God gave us the vision to take our little TGN Facebook page and turn it into a full-time ministry, with Brae and I going out on the road to report the amazing things that God is doing all over the nation and the world. Since then, we have launched The Greater News website and we are in the process of obtaining our 501C3 non-profit status, and prayerfully selecting our Board members and Intercessors. While getting all our ducks in a row, so to speak, I am working full time; Brae is busy promoting his new book, releasing his 2nd book this year and we’ve been fighting off the brutal attacks of the enemy against us.

This past weekend I was especially discouraged as I thought about the possibility that I would never be able to leave my job and the possibility that maybe I heard God wrong and we aren’t meant to take TGN into a full-time ministry. On the way to church, I cried as I told this to Brae who tried to encourage me. I felt nearly hopeless. And I felt like I wasn’t hearing from God. I realize now that the enemy was just trying to dig his hooks into me. But God wouldn’t let him…

At church, a friend approached me and said that God gave him a vision a few weeks earlier when Brae and I had announced to our church that we were planning to go into full-time ministry with TGN. But God made it very clear that he wasn’t to give us the message until this particular morning. Without going into too much detail here, it involved God opening door after door to us in our ministry. It was exactly the confirmation I needed at the exact time I needed it – it was so God, so good, so miraculous!

After church we listened to a message that a friend had recommended to Brae just that morning. Part of it talked about being giant killers (like David) and not letting anything stop you from fulfilling God’s destiny for your life. It also talked about open doors. Immediately after listening to this message, a “random” song came on the radio by Jake Hamilton that also mentioned giant killers and Brae and I laughed as he sang “this is the sound of an open door!” And then I couldn’t help but weep at the awesomeness of my God. He so sweetly and lovingly addressed my sad heart and brought clear understanding of His will for us.

The next morning, a dear friend emailed us to let us know of a dream she had the night before about our ministry. She went on to describe the dream that again, confirmed God’s will for our ministry.

This communication from God when I needed it most was nothing short of a miracle. And I know now, without a shadow of a doubt, that The Greater News Ministry is the will of God. It will reach around the world with testimonies of God’s miraculous Power. And as “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy,” lives will be transformed and people will be set free.

I know too that there are forces at work to hold us back from moving forward and that it will take a miracle for Brae and I to be freed up to step into full-time ministry. But that’s o.k. because… I believe in miracles!

Jill Wyckoff- Co-Founder of TGN (2/17/13)

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