Progressive Healing of Autism - John Mellor

John Mellor (shared from facebook Feb 2014)

An outstanding testimony of a child's progressive healing from autism was shared today. Mother Kirsty first travelled up to the Sunshine Coast from Geelong for prayer 3 years ago when her little girl, Kaylyn, had been diagnosed with autism. At 4, Kaylyn's speech, social & learning skills were not developing. The week after prayer, she started speaking more and stringing words together. Over time she starting interacting better with other children and after receiving prayer twice more, and regularly listening to John's prayer for healing CD, her abilities jumped ahead in leaps and bounds, so now in grade 1, she has been assessed as being an 'average' and normal student academically. Her speech is fully developed, which has amazed the speech pathologist who initially assessed her as severely delayed. Kaylyn now presents and interacts as a normal 7 year old child. This testimony demonstrates that often healing is a process of patiently and persistently praying and trusting in God for a break through. We have seen God heal many children with autism and sharing these testimonies encourages other parents to have hope that through prayer & belief in Jesus, their children can be healed too.

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