Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Healed - Chris Gore

January 2013- Last week Chris Gore was in San Diego about to speak. The leader came up to him saying there was a man present who would not last the entire service because he was so physically weak, “Could you pray for him before you speak?” Man had stage 4 prostate cancer that had spread throughout his body. He looked yellow and had extremely low energy. Chris prayed a simple prayer, feeling nothing himself. The man later said he felt like he was standing in a shower as water rained down on his head washing through his body. His color started to change and his energy increased. The next day he went to his oncologist and they took blood samples. A couple days later the blood tests came back – perfect.
In San Diego this past Sunday, my team had the joy of ministering to a precious man that had advanced (Stage 4) prostate cancer that had spread to every part of his body. As he was prayed for, he felt cool water like a water fall running through his body. He goes back to his Dr on Monday for blood tests, and the results are now totally normal. The Dr said "This is impossible"!