Hearing the Audible Voice of God- Ben Fitzgerald

Ben Fitzgerald---Recently I was at home praising God at around 2pm when He suddenly told me "Be at the Endeavor Hills post office at 4:30, there will be a man in a green jacket out the front. DONT BE LATE". Well, God told me that clearly cause he knew I would be late, hahaha. So i frantically rushed up there and arrived around 4:32 to find a man in green, alone right where God said he would be. God told me to say to him "Your only alive because of me"..a pretty strong word. So as I walked up to Him I realized i knew him, around 7 weeks before my brother and I prayed for this man when He was wacked up on speed. So as I walk up to him I say "do you remember me ?"..He says "NO", obviously he was out of it 7 weeks earlier and can't recall anything. So I go ahead and tell the guy the exact sentence God told me to say, and to cut a long story short He begins to tremble on the spot, and freak out, run inside and tell all his drinking friends that "This guy was sent by God to tell me God saved my life, and he is the 3rd person in 2 weeks"...WOW, I was shocked to say the least but the next bit got me even more. It turns out that 7 weeks ago, when Sam and I prayed for Him, that His veins in his arms that had collapsed and turned black. After we prayed he woke up the next day with completely new veins. It made Him so afraid that He never shot up speed again. In his words " I became a drinker instead" lol, which isn't good yet was very funny to hear. So here I am again with God reaching out to this guy who was exactly where God said He would be, wearing what He said, and was so ready to receive the words of God it was like feeding milk to a baby. God shows me more and more how my hunger for the lost doesn't even compare to the great lengths he goes to save a human soul. All He is asking is that His own children would be willing to risk His simple prompts to meet others.

God Bless you all, Watch out He will