TGN Testimony- Cabo San Lucas, Mexico- Brae Wyckoff

Changing Lives In April of 2010, I was at our hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My wife and I just finished an amazing time with a local church body where we experienced tons of miracles. This was our last night before leaving. We had dinner with several other people who were on this journey with us and a couple of us decided to get a cigar and relax by the pool. While buying a cigar in the shop I noticed a young man, probably around 15 years old, who came up to me and asked if I had a cigar cutter. I told him that he will have to bite off the end just like you see in the movies. We were out by the pool and it was around 9pm and I noticed this boy walking around by himself with his cigar. He seemed to be wandering around aimlessly. He walked by us and I shrugged my shoulders in amusement of this young man trying to smoke a cigar. He walked around the pool at least 3 times and then walked off in another direction. It was quiet, not a lot of light, not a lot of people (actually maybe only just us). We ended up over at another pool where we were completely in the dark and by ourselves…started our cigars up, talking, etc. It was about 10 minutes or so when this boy walked up and sat down a few lounge chairs over from us. He proceeded to jump into the pool for a swim and then get out. He started to ask us about alcohol and drugs to test the waters with us. We gave him our thoughts…brief thoughts…and in the middle of all of this small talk I started to ask God what was going on with this young man. We had a chance to explain to him why we were here in Mexico…a missions trip where we have been praying for people. He stated that he has grown up in a Christian home and is here with his parents. God started giving me a picture of this young man and I knew that I needed to talk to him about it. He started to leave again, but I stopped him and asked him if we could pray for him. He agreed. We introduced ourselves…his name is Josh. Before praying, I told him what God was revealing to me about him… 1. He has been wandering, searching for meaning, looking for his purpose in life. (side note: God showed me this thru his wandering around the hotel) 2. He has the gift of leadership, where God will continue to develop this gift with him to lead others away from wandering aimlessly around. We finished our prayer and he was so thankful and in shock of what just happened to him. I will never forget what he said before leaving and it will forever be engrained into my heart. “I think this will be the day that I remember back that changed my life.”