Starbuck's Healings Breakout in Indio, CA- Kevin Buchanan

Kevin C Buchanan submitted this testimony to TGN 2/15/13

A friend & I were at Starbuck in Indio Ca, We asked the Lord to bring to us people He wanted to bless, because I heard that Smith Wigglesworth would stand on a street corner, & do the same thing, & Holy Spirit would bring people to him. So we saw a 22yr old boy my buddy Eric lead him to the lord, awesome, the kid's dad had died, & Mom was a wreck, so he left home & was homeless. You could see it in his eyes, But God hahaha, right after he received King Jesus, he went into the bathroom for about a 1/2hr. When he came out he thanked my friend for caring about him/ God is love! I went outside & there was a homeless man & wife, so I asked him if he knew that God loved him, & that Jesus thought he was awesome. & loved him? He said yes he did, so I asked him if there was anything he needed from the Jesus, like healing his body? He said he had, 2 bad knees, a hurt ankle, & arthritis, I said that's nothing to Jesus ready? He said yes, I put hands on his Knees & said pain go in the name of Jesus, he said pain is gone. So I did the same to his ankle & spoke to Arthritis they left too! He was jumping bending & happy. He knew he was loved. I told him, God loves you & Im here to prove it!!!