Woman Healed of Macular Degeneration Blindness - John Mellor

John Mellor (testimony shared from facebook)

December 1

This lady testified tonight that she was healed from macular degeneration blindness this morning which she suffered for two years. Every month she paid $1,100 to have injections in her eyes to halt the blindness, but they couldn't heal her condition. This morning Jesus restored her vision so she could see colors and details again that she hasn't seen in years. She gave her life to Jesus and brought her husband along this afternoon. He was healed of 13 years of constant pain in his neck after a horse fell on him and also gave his life to Jesus. So many others were healed tonight of fibromyalgia, anxiety, emotional pain, nerve pain, many horse injuries, bulging discs and 5 more people came forward to receive Jesus!

macular degeneration.jpg