He heard God say, "I'm giving you back legitimacy as a son." - Bethel

Bethel Church DreamCulture Redding (testimony shared from facebook December 2013)

Married man with three children was laid off work. In praying about what to do first God brought to memory a $20,000 house renovation and sales course that he did THREE YEARS ago. At the time he had also been a student in a ministry school. In spite of doing all he could to implement the strategies he learned he had not made a single dollar by following the process. Man had to work through the shame and conflict this had caused in his marriage and family. The course did have a 3 DAY money back clause but it was now three YEARS. However he felt prompted to call the credit card company and follow the process of filing a grievance. This reconnected him with the company that ran the course. After a short conversation the company agent asked him what he needed to make it right. Man said "I want the full $20,000 back." Agent responded "We don't normally do this…," but then proceeded to agree. Not only did he get a $20,000 refund check in the mail but heard "God gave you back legitimacy as a son."