Revival at the First Baptist Church as 90 or More are Healed - Vic Zoe Warren

Vic Zoe Warren- Revival at the First Baptist Church! (testimony shared from Healing Testimonies facebook group)

I just got this report from a friend named Brother Eubanks that I made while traveling locally with Dave & Patty Thompson-Lage and Alex & Betina Marrero- Morales.

The night that we went to one of the local churches that Brother Eubanks fellowships with we had almost 100% of the 120+ people that got ministry healed! Pain, arthritis, you name it! It started out really hard to get people free, but we got a woman who had an aneurysm and two strokes, with paralysis and pain, healed over the phone and the next thing you know everybody is getting healed! We had over 30 people get baptized in the Spirit with evidence in tongues that night! It was really cool....

My friend who gave me this new report, Brother Eubanks, also came to get healing for his eyes. He has glaucoma's. He said that it was like a rheostat was being adjusted in his eyes when we prayed. He did not get completely free, but I prayed with him for a number of days after and they were getting better daily. Lightning hit his computer and he lost my number. Several months went by and I didn't hear from him, so I found his number and called him.

He was so excited to tell me that he had hosted an event at the First Baptist Church in the area that he lives in. It was a Gospel music event. He ministered the word and at the end he called anyone up to the altar who needed to get free- "like me," he said. They came in a long line. 90 or more. He called the ones in pain to the front of the line and laid hands on them. They're pain left! People with growths got healed!! Every person that came for healing got healed and set free! He said there were bodies on the floor! Haha!!

The guy with the glaucoma's that are getting better, but not quite healed, was laying hands on people and they were getting healed!!! Haha!! Haha!!! Jesus you are so awesome!!! We just need to be obedient!!! There is no place, or time, for excuses!!! The fields are ripe for the harvest and the King is in the fields!!! It's time to meet Him out there!!!!

Praise God!!!