Man from Mexico Believed Others Could be Healed But Him - Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans submitted testimony to TGN December 5th, 2013 (Her link is on TGN's connection page. Contact her for prayer)

A missionary on furlough contacted me via FB and asked if I would pray for a man in Mexico who was dealing with extreme back and arm pain 24 hours a day. She explained to me that he believed that everyone could be healed but him. Because this man does not speak English, she planned a conference call with the three of us, and she translated.

I began by explaining to him that if we could send him back to when Jesus was on earth and plop him down in the multitudes, Jesus would have healed him because Jesus healed ALL who came to Him. I could sense faith rising up in him.

The first time I prayed, the pain went from 10 to 6. The next time, it went from 6 to 3, and then after I prayed for other members of his family, he said that the pain was at 0 - totally gone! This man was SO grateful!

I heard from the missionary the next day who told me that he had awakened to ZERO pain and the huge lumps that had been on his back (I didn't know about those), were also gone.