Gallstones Disappear and Doctor is Shocked at Scan Results - Chris Pio Pittore

Chris Pio Pittore (testimony shared from healing testimonies facebook group December 2013)

All glory to God I prayed with a brother in Christ the other day.
He had gall stones, and had been feeling poor.
Praise God he was supposed to pray for me that day, but God wanted me to pray for him too.
He was telling me about his situation, when I heard the Lord telling me to offer to pray for him. I did so, and I asked him to pray with me a simple prayer "Come Holy Spirit" while I laid hands. Then I listened. I have learned that it is always best if we listen to what God says before we start healing prayer. I was surprised when the Lord didn't tell me to rebuke the gallstones, but instead to 'command healing'.
So I prayed my usual prayer "I command total rapid healing to all cells in Jesus' name. All cells be totally rapidly healed now in Jesus' name. I speak abundant life and complete restoration to all cells in Jesus' name." After each sentence, I would simply say "thank you Father" over and over because God knew my prayer.
I began the next sentence followed by thank you Father, and so on.
A few times God told me to ask what he was feeling. When I did so, I had expectant faith that he would have felt something.
He said he felt tightness surprisingly, but also the Holy Spirit's power in many parts of the body. I then went back to prayer when he agreed for that.
I continued until God told me to stop the prayer.

He felt a lot of better, and he told me he would let me know what the scans said.
So the next day I private messaged him, expecting that he was feeling better.
He called me later that day and he was overjoyed. The lady who looked at the scan was kind of shocked, and said that the gall stones weren't there anymore. He was also given a clean bill of health for which he and I both gave praise to God.
I cannot take credit for this because it was God who did the miracle, and secondly because he had requested prayer from a prayer page on facebook we are in.

As our Evangelist said, when a miracle happens, all the prayer for this person are taken into consideration. We are simply 'reaping the harvest'. It is good to remember that if we are tempted to become proud, but wow is it nice to see the fruit of everyone's prayers Praise The LORD All glory to HIM See More

Perth, Australia