She said, "God I want to be healed too." And She Was - Tina Miller

Testimony submitted to TGN December 2013

Here's my healing testimony!

In January of 2013 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I underwent a total thyroidectomy May 21st, followed by an extensive radiation treatment. During the surgery my surgeon hit a nerve somewhere in the right side of my neck, leaving my right shoulder and right side of my chest in a lot of pain. I would get sharp shooting pains in them randomly (multiple times a day), and whenever anyone even barely touched me in that area, it caused A LOT of pain. One morning in church myself and others were getting ready to pray for a lady with severe neck and back pain, but right before I did, I muttered, "God, I want to be healed too." Not only was the lady healed completely, but so was I!! I've been pain free for over a month now!

Tina Miller